Message from the Director

October 2017:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  We often think of the physical aspects of domestic violence, but far too often the economic effects can also have long-term and destructive consequences.  Most people on the outside don’t see how really devastating this type of abuse can be.  98% of abusive relationships involve some form of economic abuse, which is often referred to as the invisible weapon.

Economic abuse can take on many different forms, all of which make the victim dependent on their abuser, making it impossible to leave the abusive situation and recover.  Some forms of economic abuse can include:

  • Making a person financially dependent by giving a victim no access to money, no ATM card, no credit card, no assets in their name;
  • Making a victim ask for money and then demanding receipts for everything;
  • Preventing a victim from going to work or even getting a job;
  • Sabotaging transportation or childcare making it impossible to go to work or school;
  • Preventing a victim from obtaining an education by interfering with their ability to study, destroying homework, thus leaving a victim in low wage jobs;
  • Generating massive debt in the victim’s name leaving them with poor credit;
  • Refusing to pay court-ordered child support.

Being in an abusive relationship can feel overwhelming.  Crime Victims Council is available 24-hours a day to work with victims to identify resources and options that may help when things become too distressing.

24-hour hotline:  610-437-6611


Suzanne M. Beck

Executive Director


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