Individual & Group Counseling

Crime Victims Council offers both individual and group counseling for anyone who is a victim of crime, families, and significant others.  Counseling is provided by trained professionals and is available at no cost. Our counselors provide services both in the office and virtually, due to COVID-19.

All of CVC’s counselors, staff, and interns have received the state-required 40 hour sexual assault counselor training, in addition to their masters’ level training in social work and/or counseling psychology.  Counseling services are trauma-informed and counselors draw on a variety of modalities including narrative therapy, sensory trauma interventions, feminist therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamic theories, and empirically supported methods such as CBT and DBT.

If you are a victim of a crime and believe that counseling may help you in your process of healing, or have questions about any of our services, please call (610) 437-6610 to speak to our staff.

Support Groups Offered:

Sexual Assault Survivors

Homicide Survivors

Trauma Processing Yoga

Teen Sexual Assault Survivors

Parent and Caregivers Group

Emerging Adults

Tween Survivors

Please note that all groups are offered on an as needed basis, they are not continuous. Please call our office at (610) 437-6610 for dates and more information on any of the groups.