Graduation Rose Sale

Over the last several years, the Crime Victims Council has had the privilege of partnering with some of the local college campuses to sell roses at graduation. Graduating from college is a wonderful time in the life of any young adult and their family. CVC is happy to help celebrate their accomplishments by selling bouquets of a dozen roses prior to and at graduation. We currently partner with Cedar Crest College, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Moravian University, and Muhlenberg College.

Order roses in advance with our online payment option or print a form for your graduate’s school below. Don’t forget to write a personalized message to have typed on a card for your graduate! *If you are using the online payment option, please check the form linked below for pick up instructions*

Congratulations to all the 2024 graduates!
Thank you to everyone who ordered roses through CVC!

*Roses will not be shipped. Shipping is a standard part of PayPal forms. Roses will be available for pick up at graduation.*

**Anyone paying with the secure portal above should receive a confirmation or e-mail receipt. If you do not receive any confirmation, please call our office at (610) 437-6610.**